Modern Homes

Modern Homes

Some people can be forgiven for assuming a modern property design would have a cold and clinical feel to it and would be better equipped for an office environment. In fact, the total opposite can be true, as there is more to modern interiors than you thought possible.  

At Manchester Loft Conversion, we love bringing your ideas and individuality to life, creating a free-flowing space, with natural light, whilst promoting friendly environmental living, using little more than glass, timber and a bit of imagination.  The results of which, can be very rewarding and stimulating spaces, to live and work in.

Occupants in a modern home expect to have their growing needs met, by extending or renovating existing spaces.  With planning permission, you can create an additional bedroom with en-suite, an office or play area, providing an opportunity to building your dream home extension.  

Interior design adds another dimension to the modern home. Colours can be used to associate moods and feelings, for instance:


Associated with: danger, passion, energy, warmth, adventure, optimism 
Used in: Kitchens and dining rooms as it stimulates the appetite 
Cons: it can be overpowering and lead to headaches. Either lighten the shade, paint one wall, or use it for accessories only.


Associated with: nature, energy, restoration, calming, restful, security, stability 
Best for: bedrooms, living rooms 
Cons: can make people complacent and laid back. Mix it with some red or orange to counteract these feelings


Associated with: calming and soothing, loyalty, serenity, authority, protection, contemplative
Best for: bedrooms, bathrooms, studies 
Cons: Can looks cold, choose a blue with a warm undertone to counteract this


Associated with: security, stability and practicality
Best for: living rooms 
Cons: A green or blue may have to be used to increase mental stimulation

Thank you for reading this blog and take the time to notice modern homes and what improvements if any you would make!


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