Move or Extend?

Is it better to move or extend your home to make it modern?

When considering moving or extending your home to make it a suitable modern space, you will need to a weigh up the pros and cons of each option, especially if you are planning on starting a family or a home-based business.

Before you contact local builders to extend your home, you may be considering whether moving to a bigger property would be the better option.

A few things to consider is whether your house has an outside space, your loft has enough headroom to accommodate the family, your history with the house and if you have any emotional attachments to it, the local community, and the type of house you have, extending your property can be the best choice.

Visit the Government’s planning portal website to find out some useful information to an extension or addition to your house and how to apply for planning permission, subject to the following conditions:

The fee for an extension starts from £172.

There is also a calculator on the website, to help you work out the potential costs involved. It is essential that you have an affordable and realistic budget, that does not spiral out of control.

Take your time deciding whether you should move to a modern home or renovate your existing one.  You will need to carefully consider the costs involved in building an extension or addition, which can be substantial and going through the process can be exhausting, leaving you wishing you had never undertaken the project. Therefore, it is very important to find builders that can take all the pain out of the process and manage all the necessary work without the hassle.  Having a good relationship with your builder is essential and clear communication is necessary for you to stay on track with your planned timetable.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, join us again next time for more modern living.


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