Modern on a budget

How to make your home modern on a budget

If you have ever wanted a modern looking home on a tight budget, then read on.

Interior designers can make a home look modern and elegant, using something as simple as adding pillows and a fresh coat of paint to walls, windows, and hardwood floors, without it costing the earth.

This is our top 6 of the easiest and cost-effective ways to make your home look great.



  • Crown Molding


Crown molding is the process which seals the ceiling and the walls together. Finishing rooms in this way makes walls and ceilings appear more polished.

If you are feeling extra creative, you can add beams, columns, and medallions to complete your designer look.



  • Colours


Choose a colour that reflects the mood that you want or what you want your visitors to feel, when they enter a room.  

You can visit the link below, for more information on colour theory, which you can use to plan your room colours.



  • Pillows & Cushions


Pillows and cushions can offer an elegant, luxurious, and stylish way to complete the look of your room, adding an extra cosiness to your rooms.



  • Repair / Renew


Check your furniture fabric for wear and tear.  Can you place a throw over your sofa, to spruce it up?  Replace pulls, drawer and door knobs at a fraction of the price, by purchasing them from boot sales, antique fairs, and auction sites.



  • Lighting


Adding different light sources, including table lamps and floor lamps throughout the home can help to change the mood of a room and add a touch of elegance.



  • Housekeeping


Decluttering your home can help you bring a new lease of life to your home. Throw away unwanted furniture, clothing and other items that are no longer useful.


Wash down walls, skirting, doors and windows, vacuuming dust and cob webs, as you go along.   Remove stains and spots on rugs and furniture. Once the cleaning has been completed, you will have a calm, rested, and peaceful feeling about your home.


You have read how easily you can create an elegant home on a tight budget. Can you think of some more cost effective ways to improve your home?  


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