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Feng Shui

Making Minor Additions to Bring About Major Changes – Part 1


Feng Shui can modernise your home and can improve your well-being, by changing the energy flow of your living and work spaces to find and correct any Feng Shui issues that may be present. Below are some tips to adjust and correct the energy of your space, using The Method of Minor Additions:


The Method of Minor Additions is based on the principle of xie di (shyeh dee), which means “a little bit” goes a long way. This principle will boost positive energy and deflect negative chi, leaving your home well-balanced.


Lights and lighting


Good, effective lighting can improve the circulation of chi, by balancing the light in a space, for instance, too much glare can make a space too yang, however, limited light will make a room appear and feel dark and dingy.


There 3 types of lighting used to balance light, general, task, and accent.


  • General overhead lighting, such as a ceiling light bulb, should have a dimmer switch, so you can alternate between light intensity.


  • Task Lights are used for specific purposes, such as night lights that switch on when someone is approaching the bathroom, or under counter lights in the kitchen, even a fridge light can be classed as a task light as it only switches on when someone wants to put something in or take it out.


  • Accent lighting using table and floor lamps, will bring light to dark, stagnant corners and rooms, particularly if they have no windows, enabling the Chi to effortlessly flow through.


Mirrors will double negative energy and conversely expand and open narrow spaces.  They can reduce negative chi by absorbing or containing it.



  • Kitchens have negative energy, using a mirror in the kitchen will multiply bad energy.
  • Desk facing mirror. Distracting, and thought to multiply the workload.
  • In bathrooms avoid mirrors that either face the door or toilet. A mirror in either of these places will multiply negative energy.



  • Dining rooms will multiply the good prosperous energy that dining with friends and family generate.
  • Mirrors facing the bed is stimulating and can lead to sleep problems.


Making your home Chi efficient is important to save you time, maximise your energy, prosperity and health, helping you to live happy.

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